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Dolby Live at Park MGM | Las Vegas, Nevada


Have you been lucky enough to witness real live R&B music in front of your eyes? Usher is the perfect act to see and those smooth hits sound so much better in a live show..lots of Usher fanatics even prefer the acts live shows to studio recordings! The winter, 2023 tour will be held at the spectacular and legendary Dolby Live at Park MGM of Nevada Las Vegas on Friday 1st December 2023, everyones going to be there! If you want a Friday night of PURE R&B this December then CLICK 'GET TICKETS' today before you miss out! This is going to be the top Soul/R&B show you've been to in years!

Soul music has been lived on forever and the real aficionados know great concerts like Usher when they hear about them. Purchase your tickets before they are all sold out! Las Vegas Nevada has a lot of to offer, Usher being a premier spot for an artist of this caliber to present their show. Enjoy the majestic sounds from professional musicians with a history for iconic delivery. Every fan in Dolby Live at Park MGM gets a similar experience with the surround acoustics delivering the music evenly in the concert hall. The exceptional lighting allows the crowd a clear view of the immaculate stage. Soak in the lush sounds while sitting back on the comfy seats. Snap up tickets for yourself and your friends today! Simply click the ‘get tickets’ link now!

Usher at Dolby Live at Park MGM

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