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Dolby Live at Park MGM | Las Vegas, Nevada

Mariah Carey

Congratulations for finding the best place to secure tickets to see Mariah Carey for a live pop-rock show at the electric Dolby Live at Park MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday 13th April 2024. This one-time event brings some of the finest artists under one roof to put on a night of mind-blowing music that fans have been waiting years for! Just imagine, you are among the capacity crowd at the Dolby Live at Park MGM this Saturday 13th April 2024, and you are being transported by the same music that defined a generation! To secure your tickets now, click the Buy Tickets button below!

Yes, Mariah Carey should be enough of a reason for you to hit that button now! But if you are in search of other reasons, we’d say its the amazing atmosphere! From the instant you set foot at the venue, through the waiting in line discussing how amazing the gig will be with fellow fans, to the moment you take your spot and impatiently wait for the light to go down, there is so much energy and excitement going around that the air is buzzing. The amazing atmosphere will let you meet fellow Mariah Carey fans and meet many new friends to share this experience with. From waiting in line, to getting a drink at the many refreshment bars around the venue, you’ll have many chances to share your love for Mariah Carey with other fellow fans. And what a better place to meet new friends than Dolby Live at Park MGM, Nevada’s favorite venue! It’s enough to say that Dolby Live at Park MGM loves country music and brings everything a country fan could possibly want. So the talent on stage won’t be the only reason to love your visit to Dolby Live at Park MGM, because they also offer perks that will make your Saturday a special one.

Mariah Carey at Dolby Live at Park MGM

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